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Zyto Scan

Discovering the Cause


How Zyto Technology Works

When faced with a myriad of health issues, determining where to start with treatment can be overwhelming. Should you focus on the GI tract, hormones, or something else entirely? And even if you're generally healthy, how do you maintain that status?


Introducing the ZYTO scan! This bio scan utilizes galvanic skin response (GSR) technology to measure changes in skin conductivity, similar to lie detector testing. By placing your hand on a special cradle, the scan assesses thousands of Virtual Items (VI) that represent physical elements. Your skin's response to these VIs helps determine what brings your body into balance or further away from it, including body parts, body chemistry, stressors like chemicals and foods, and more. Recommendations for products and services are then made to help restore balance.


In simple terms, a ZYTO scan reveals which parts of your body are stressed, potential causes of that stress, and steps to resolve it. It offers decision support by suggesting what is most crucial at the moment, whether it's inflammation, infections, hormones, or other factors. This technology is safe for all individuals and does not diagnose or treat diseases, but rather offers insights into stress levels within the body and ways to achieve balance.


At Keystone Wellness we use ZYTO scans to help make informed decisions for our patients, helping to prioritize treatment and maintain overall wellness. If you're interested in scheduling a scan, please reach out to us.


Typical Time: 10 minutes.

$59 / Scan

$29 / Scan with the Health Savings Plan

If you have Zyto Scan questions please email:

Why Zyto Scan?


Ask Your Body What it Wants Today!








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