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Key Panel

The Future of Blood Panels

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What is the Key Panel?

The panel is designed to provide you a comprehensive assessment of your body's chemistry to monitor your overall health and detect underlying medical conditions or illnesses that may not have any noticeable symptoms.

Unlike traditional blood panels you may have had in the past that tests 26-36 blood markers, the Key panel consists of 60 blood markers for an extensive look into what is going on inside your body. Most labs that run your bloodwork designate a "normal" laboratory range based on an average of bloodwork ran through the lab. But you must remember who usually goes to get bloodwork done, usually sick people. The Key Panel goes through a software which compares your results to not only the "normal" laboratory ranges but also through a "healthy" range and color codes your results to monitor when you slip outside the "healthy" ranges.

What is Measured?


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