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Is your mind in an unbalanced psychoemotional state from everyday stresses?

Scanning Headset

What are Brainwaves?

Brainwaves are electrical patterns that your brain generates. These patterns reflect the activity of your neurons (brain cells) in your brain and can provide insights into your brain function and activity.

Brainwaves can provide valuable insights into your mental and physical health. By analyzing the patterns and frequencies of your brainwaves, you can identify abnormalities that may indicate a range of health conditions, including neurological disorders, sleep disorders, and mental health issues.

5 different types of brainwaves can be used to study your brain function and activity. The 5 different brainwaves you produce are called delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. Each of these are explained in the next section.

What are the 5 Types of Brainwaves?








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